The tides are changing.

From the very beginning, in 1949 young Peter and Una Rockliff humbly began what would become one of Tasmania’s most loved brands recognised for premium seafood around the world.

After 70 years they have parted ways with the brand name they lovingly built from the ground up and have started afresh, with a catchy new name – Peter and Una Seafoods, rest assured not much has changed. But there is good news for seafood lovers and loyal customers of Peter and Una, rest assured after-all, there is a lifetime of love that has gone into building their family business. Same quality seafood, same location, same family, same down to earth people. They believe and always will in providing the freshest, sustainable produce that fills your hearts as much as it does ours.

May I have gourmet?

Filled to the brim with local produce, seasonal produce and premium Tasmanian goodness, our deli is full of delicious delights. When you’re fishing for something extra for the table, a hamper, platter or a pre-prepared diner from our kitchen, of course, you may have gourmet.

Peter and Una’s Gourmet Deli has an incredible range of products for you to choose from, all of which are locally and ethically sourced. Browse and you’ll find fruit, cheese, oysters, shrimp, and our popular trout and salmon.

If you’d like to order a platter, simply stop by our gourmet deli or call us to discuss what you’d like (we’d be happy to offer recommendations!). We have all of the products normally available in-store and will prepare your order fresh just for you the day you pick it up.

That’s the spirit.

When fishing about Tasmania, for our (Tasmanian) renowned products and produce visiting inland or here on the coast in Devonport, there is nothing like enjoying and sharing your discoveries of moreish delights not found abroad. You will be considered a spirited traveller. Before you step back on board and leave our island and say bon voyage, stop by say hello and collect a harvest of authentic, fresh, ethically-sourced Tasmanian seafood. That’s the spirit.